Slingshot Engage Combo

Slingshot outfits include a host of performance features including ultra senstitive and light weight 30 Ton graphite blanks, ideal for detecting structure and strikes. Ceramic guide inserts for increased casting performance and line protection. Comfortably shaped EVA grips so you can cast all day long.

Slingshot Engage rods are matched perfectly with the new 5 bearing Slingshot reel with heavy bailwire, machined handle and smooth multi stack drag to create a light weight and balanced outfit ideal for fishing both plastics and hardbody lures.


Developed for soft plastic and hard body lure fishing and available in 14 models from ultralight to medium heavy. There is a Slingshot Engage suitable for freshwater and estuary lure flicking right through to inshore plastics and slug casting.


Featuring a cool camo split grip design, Slingshot outfits are designed to launch anglers to the next level.


  • Light weight balanced 30 Ton Graphite blanks
  • Camo split grip design
  • Ceramic insert guides
  • 5 bearing reel

SHAKESPEARE SSE601L 30SZ CBO 1.83m/6'0'' 1 2-4kg L 30SZ
SHAKESPEARE SSE661M 40SZ CBO 1.95m/6'6'' 1 2-5kg M 40SZ
SHAKESPEARE SSESP661H 50SZ CBO 1.95m/6'6'' 1 6-10kg H 50SZ
SHAKESPEARE SSE701XL 30SZ CBO 2.10m/7'0'' 1 1-3kg XL 30SZ
SHAKESPEARE SSE701L 30SZ CBO 2.10m/7'0'' 1 2-4kg L 30SZ
SHAKESPEARE SSE701M 40SZ CBO 2.10m/7'0'' 1 3-6kg M 40SZ
SHAKESPEARE SSE701MH 40SZ CBO 2.10m/7'0'' 1 8kg MH 40SZ
SHAKESPEARE SSE701H 50SZ CBO 2.10m/7'0'' 1 10kg H 50SZ
SHAKESPEARE SSE602XL 30SZ CBO 1.83m/6'0'' 2 1-3kg XL 30SZ
SHAKESPEARE SSE662XL 30SZ CBO 1.95m/6'6'' 2 1-3kg XL 30SZ
SHAKESPEARE SSE702XL 30SZ CBO 2.10m/7'0'' 2 1-3kg XL 30SZ
SHAKESPEARE SSE702L 30SZ CBO 2.10m/7'0'' 2 2-4kg L 30SZ
SHAKESPEARE SSESP702MH 40SZ CBO 2.10m/7'0'' 2 8kg MH 40SZ
SHAKESPEARE SSESP702H 50SZ CBO 2.10m/7'0'' 2 10kg H 50SZ


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