Lazer tip

The Lazer tip series combines a 2 bearing Lazer Tip reel with alumimium spool and machined handle with solid tip rod for strength and reliablility. This versatile and practical 12 model range consists of outfits to cover a wide variety of conditions. Light spinning in freshwater and estuary, offshore bottom bouncing and rock and beach.


  • Integrated Solid Tip – Glow in the Dark!
  • Double Footed Stainless Steel Guides with Aluminium Oxide inserts
  • Shaped EVA Grips with etched Shakespeare Logo
  • 2 bearing reel featuring Aluminium spool and  thick bail wire

SKPLTSP601L 2-4KG 20SZ COMBO 1.83m/6'0" 1 2-4kg L 20SZ
SKPLTSP602M 4-8KG 40SZ COMBO 1.83m/6'0" 2 4-8kg M 40SZ
SKPLTSP662LM 3-6KG 40SZ COMBO 1.95m/6'6" 2 3-6kg LM 40SZ
SKPLTSP702L 2-4KG 20SZ COMBO 2.10m/7'0" 2 2-4kg L 20SZ
SKPLTSP702GP 6-10KG 60SZ COMBO 2.10m/7'0" 2 6-10kg GP 60SZ
SKPLTSP802GP 3-7KG 40SZ COMBO 8'0" (2.40M) 2 3-7kg GP 40SZ
SKPLTSP1002MH 6-10KG 60SZ COMBO 10'0" (3.00M) 2 6-10kg MH 60SZ
SKPLTSP1202MH 8-12KG 80SZ COMBO 12'0" (3.60M) 2 8-12kg MH 80SZ
SKPLTSP561BM 6-10KG 60SZ COMBO 1.65m/5'6" 1 6-10kg M 60SZ
SKPLTSP561BH 8-15KG 80SZ COMBO 1.65m/5'6" 1 8-15kg H 80SZ
SKPLTSP561BXH 15-24KG 80SZ COMBO 1.65m/5'6" 1 15-24kg XH 80SZ
SKPLTOH561BM 6-10KG 30SZ COMBO 1.65m/5'6" 1 6-10kg M 20SZ
SKPLTOH561BH 8-15KG 30SZ COMBO 1.65m/5'6" 1 8-15kg H 20SZ


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