Performance and value are synonymous with Shakespeare fishing gear. The new Alpha range of factory balanced combos delivers Shakespeare quality and incredible value for money.
The Alpha range consists of a 10 combo line up covering a host of applications. Incorporating general light lure and bait fishing outfits, medium general purpose outfits ideal for piers and jetties, beach and rock outfits and a general purpose boat outfit.

All combos feature a 2 ball bearing Alpha spin reel including instant anti reverse bearing, heavy duty bail wire, alloy spool and brass pinion gear. Perfectly matched to strong yet sensitive glass tip rods with EVA grips, ceramic guides and perfect actions developed for Australian fishing situations.
All Alpha combos are two piece for convenience and come spooled with line and ready to go fishing.


  • Glass tip rods
  • 1+1 bearing including instant anti reverse
  • Aluminium spool
  • Spooled with line
  • Wide range of popular australian actions

ALPHA 602 SPIN 6'0'' (1.85M) 2 2-4kg L 25SZ
ALPHA 662 SPIN 6'6'' (2.00M) 2 2-6kg L 35SZ
ALPHA 662 BOAT 6'6'' (2.00M) 2 4-8kg M 65SZ
ALPHA 702LT SPIN 7'0'' (2.10M) 2 1-4kg L 25SZ
ALPHA 702 GP 7'0'' (2.10M) 2 4-7kg M 45SZ
ALPHA 762 EST 7'6'' (2.25M) 2 3-6kg LM 35SZ
ALPHA 802LT GP 8'0'' (2.40M) 2 4-8kg M 45SZ
ALPHA 902 GP 9'0'' (2.70M) 2 5-10kg MH 65SZ
ALPHA 1002 ROCK 10'0'' (3.00M) 2 5-10kg MH 75SZ
ALPHA 1202 SURF 12'0'' (3.60M) 2 5-12kg MH 75SZ


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